Marzena Gawrysiak


Sculptor-ceramist artist, founder of the Gdansk Art School, artistic director of the
Pomeranian Culture Incubator. Her works can be seen in National Museum in Gdańsk
– modern art department of the Abbots' Palace (Pałac Opatów). She also made a
monument of the Polish climber Andrzej Zawada in Lądek Zdrój.

Marin Magnúsdóttir


Born in Iceland in the 1950s. Before moving to Denmark in 1996, she was making films. Immediately after perestroika. Together with her artists she took over the gallery in Skagen, Denmark. After some period, the gallery expanded which included art from Iceland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Today she has her own ceramics studio and has made fantastic progress after completing her ceramics courses at the Gdansk Art School.



A sculptor with over 25 years of professional experience who specializes in making original copies of contemporary and classical sculptures, as well as custom-made products for design and architecture. Christian oversees all aspects of the production and logistics of the stonework.



She runs a design studio introducing art for architecture and design. The „Art in Architecture” gallery presents and promotes Works of Art and artistic objects, prepared for individual sale.


Manager of two creative associations-puppet theatres. He participated in over 100 trainings in ​​non-governmental organizations and culture (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Finland, Belgium). A member of the expert team at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, who prepared the ground-breaking, first-ever Program of Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage with NGOs 2017/2019. Social activist. Member of the Pomeranian Council for Public Benefit Activities and the Pomeranian Council of Non-Governmental Organizations. A native of Kwidzyn and local patriot.



President of the Let us Make Ours for Culture Foundation. Producer, director, graduate of the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw, she completed her postgraduate studies in Project Management Co-financed from EU Funds at the University of Warsaw. She is a specialist in the culture of the Caucasus and Armenia. Since 2004, she has been involved in obtaining and accounting for European and EU subsidies, Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage grants for entrepreneurs, local government, and non-governmental organizations.

Artur Paluszyńśki


Programmer, musician, specialist in internet marketing and multimedia technologies. He cooperated with the Microsoft group, the psychological publishing house Eneteia, a wide market of medical applications and e-commerce systems.



The director of the “Znak Theatre” and a founder of the Gdansk Art School (GSA).
He is also the originator and producer of the large artistic events in Pomerania and coordinator and
initiator of open-air art workshops in Poland and abroad.